April Abs Challenge

Workin' Out

Spring is here, which means many people are searching for ways to start working on those summer bodies, particularly on their abs. Whether you are looking for a tight, strong mid-section, or simply just to strengthen your core, this challenge will help you do both!

Obviously, doing this challenge alone will not give you sculpted abs unless your lifestyle in general is healthy and you aren’t filling your body with crap. Don’t expect to have a bikini body just because you do these exercises, you’ve got to eat right, eat often, and drink plenty of water as well.

Doing a monthly challenge is a fun way to stay motivated, and it makes working out easy because it’s all on the calendar for you! All you have to do is follow along. 

For this challenge, there are three exercises a day, five days a week. Once a week (I have it scheduled for Saturdays) you track your plank max time. If you choose to switch what day you do your plank hold, just make it the same day every week.

Each exercise will be done for 30 seconds for the first two weeks. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds each day. Everyone has about 5 minutes a day to fit this in. If you feel you are progressing well, try 60 seconds for each exercise to finish the month out. Again, about 10 minutes is nothing compared to the scope of the day.

april abs 2017 (document here)



Mt. Climbers




Climbing High Knees
Hip Flexor Crunches
Plank Jacks
Plank Pointersplanktwists
Plank Twistspushthroughcrunches
Push Through Crunchesreversecrunch
Reverse Crunchessideplankdips
Side Plank Dipsspidermans
Star Crunches

penguinreachersPenguin Reaches 

Find a friend or family member, and challenge them to join you!

Get ready, April starts this Saturday!!!


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