Spring Clean Your Diet

Nutrition & Good Eats

I dare you to take a good look at what your grocery list most commonly looks like. What are the foods you most frequently buy? What foods do you keep at home on a daily basis?

What you eat speaks volumes for where your health is (or could be) and it’s all too easy to fall into a poor routine because of convenience, lack of knowledge or habit.

I know for me personally, I have to keep healthy, fresh foods on hand at all times because my kids and I all snack and eat all day, and I will admit, I’m a control freak when it comes to making sure my babes eat a balanced diet. They see what mom eats. They want what mom eats. So mom better eat good. Also, I know I feel better when I eat better…..it’s basic math. Or something.

It’s taken a couple years of establishing our “go-to/must-have” list of foods. Possibly because we haven’t been established in one location for long enough to fully move in anywhere. Maybe because we have had a number of life-changing events happen. Either way, we are here now.

(in no particular order)

1. Bananas

2. Avocados

3. Almond milk

4. Yogurt

5. Peanut butter

6. Eggs

7. Salad supplies (spinach/romaine/cucumber/tomato/bell pepper/carrot etc)

8. Oatmeal

9. Onions and garlic

10. Elk/Deer meat (We have our freezers full, this isn’t on our grocery list.)

11. Convenenient baby food pouches

12. Kombucha and probiotic drinks **EDITED TO ADD, COULDN’T LEAVE THIS OUT!**

13. And let’s be honest….Cabernet

We eat organic and non-gmo and promote clean eating as much as we can. However I also know how expensive it is and understand it is not something everyone can or wants to do. Regardless of being organic or not, I would say this is a decent list of must haves. A list I can be proud of.

Now, can you be proud of your list? Or is there room to improve?

Spring is the perfect time to start cleaning out what needs to go!



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