DIY Bunny Hutch

Our Homely Farm

We’ve been wanting to begin our journey into homesteading, and it has been a long process so far that hasn’t even truly began!

We’ve been living in a camp trailer (two adults, two kids, two big dogs) on our property while the construction at our house continues. It’s been a little over 3 months now, and for 12 months before that we lived with in-laws because we hadn’t bought our house yet. Before that, we knew we would be leaving our home and uncertain as to where so we never put down full roots.

We have a chicken coop we bought over 2 years ago and it still hasn’t been put together. We haven’t put it together yet because we have a lot of logging to do, that unfortunately won’t be done probably until summertime.

There’s always a wrench that gets tossed into the works.

Being as we don’t want to miss out completely on another grow season especially, we have bought fruit trees and will be planting them in buckets because we cannot put them into he ground until we log. Most our “greenhouse” plants will most likely stay indoors and sheltered on our balconies.

We’ve been itching to accomplish something on our wish list!

So because I am impatient and impulsive I decided to bring home a rabbit.

His name is Chip.

Chip spent a total of two nights inside a smaller, travel size cage, which worked just fine until were able to build him his new mansion.

Lucky for us, we gutted our kitchen and had an assortment of cabinets to chose from for creating a new bunny hutch. (We knew there was a reason we didn’t take them all to the dump!)

The hutch literally cost us nothing but time. And alls the time it took was maybe a total of 4 hours.

Javin did a great job putting it together, as well as in a timely manner so Chip could get to enjoy it.

So how did he do it?

This is what we started with:


There were wires running through this particular cabinet so the holes had to be filled or covered.

The doors were cut and wire was inserted.



Legs were added to get the hutch off the ground a couple feet. We used leftover 2x4s for the legs.


We built a ramp with little bunny steps to get to the top level using scrap from another cabinet and particle board.


We didn’t have a latch on hand so Javin decided a piece from an old light fixture could work. For now.


After wiping it down and setting it up with food, water, and bedding, Chip is a happy bunny. Such a fun project and finally feeling like maybe we might be on the right track!

I can’t wait until the chickens, goats, pigs, and horses get here!!!

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