Quick, no Equipment Workout

Workin' Out

Lately I’ve been so short on time, that I’ve planned my workouts to be high rep and fast paced.

Yesterday’s was a total body, countdown routine that took me a total of 33 minutes.

This workout is great for any where, as it doesn’t require any equipment.

100 sumo squats
10 burpees
90 spidermans
10 burpees
80 bridges
10 burpees
70 in&out abs
10 burpees
60 curtsy lunges
10 burpees
50 supermans
10 burpees
40 dips
10 burpees
30 shoulder push ups
10 burpees
20 sit ups
10 burpees
10 plank punches
10 burpees

**during the bridges, squeeze your butt cheeks for a second or two before lowering and beginning next rep. This will increase the burn in the glutes.

**alternate legs during curtsy lunges

**sit ups not pictured

**during the plank punches, punch ten times with each arm, alternating sides.


Sumo squats






In&out abs


Curtsy lunges


In&out abs






Shoulder push ups


Plank push ups


Shoulder push ups



A Valentine For You, My Love.

Workin' Out

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day.

Normally people expect flowers and chocolate and maybe dinner and a movie date. I expect my husband to do a workout with me. Flowers, though they are beautiful, they die. And chocolate, I love, but don’t eat it enough to want a huge box of it within reach. Working out together not only gives us time to challenge ourselves together, but also encourage each other, as well as laugh and be goofy. (which we haven’t been doing enough lately)

The goal for this workout was to use no equipment, and only each other as resistance. I had brainstormed an assortment of exercises to try, and for the most part, only a small handful were successful and actually became a part of our workout. Javin is nearly a foot taller than I am, so that played a big part in whether or not we could make some of the exercises work.

We had just finished a 3 mile trail run, so that was our warmup. (and a good portion of our workout as well! Trail runs are challenging!) After playing around and testing out exercises our workout plan came to this:

1. I squat + Javin pushups

2. Javin wall sits + I pushup + Javin presses

3. Double over burpee

4. Double dips

We did 3 sets of everything. These exercises were more challenging than we expected. Maybe because of being so unstable and off balance. My core is sore today, and though it wasn’t directly used, I know it got worked.

(video via Instagram)


Happy Valentine’s Day Javin, I am so thankful to have you in my life. What a lucky girl I am. All my love.