Deck of Cards Workout

Workin' Out

Today, again, started out as a busy day, and I know there’s no slowing down until bedtime. When Javin is home, it’s high on my priorities to get a workout in, even if it’s a quick one. So today, I grabbed a deck of cards, and got in a 24 minute quickie.


There are a couple variations to the deck of cards workout, but today I stuck to the simple one. Not only is a workout like this super easy, but it’s versatile, and you can take it anywhere, depending on the exercises you chose to do. I have used this game in bootcamps, and it’s been a hit each time.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Shuffle your deck of cards. No jokers.
Step 2: Decide your exercises for each suit.
Step 3: Gather your equipment, if you need any.
Step 4: Flip a card, and do the planned exercise in the amount shown on the number of the card. ACES ARE 11 REPS, ALL FACE CARDS ARE 10 REPS
Step 5: Repeat until all the cards are done, or until you’ve maxed out on your allotted time limit.

The exercises I chose were:

Clubs: Alternating curtsy lunges off step
Diamonds: DB high pull into press
Hearts: Plank with DB rows
Spades: Pop squats

Example: The first card I flipped was the 7 of spades, so I did 7 reps of the pop squats.

I almost ALWAYS chose burpees for one of the exercises during this workout, however, the one pregnancy symptom I’ve been experiencing is light-headedness. So because of that, the only jumpy exercise I added in was the pop squats. I usually keep every exercise multi-joint, OR, I split 2 for upper and 2 for lower so that the workout is still total-body. In this case, I had 2 exercises that were lower body focused, and 2 that were upper body focused.

I knew I wanted to get through the whole deck, so I timed myself. It took me just about 24 minutes to finish all 52 cards. The tough part was, my shuffle wasn’t very good apparently because I drew diamond after diamond and my shoulders began to fatigue early on.


Pop Squats


Curtsy Lunges


High Pull into Press


Plank Rows

If you have no equipment, this workout is still effective if you do, say, burpees, squats, sit-ups, and push-ups. Or, get creative. Again, all you need really, is a deck of cards. 

After going through the whole deck, you will have done a total of 65 reps each exercise.

You could spice it up a bit, and throw those jokers into the pile. Each joker could be something intense like 50 burpees, or 100 jumping jacks, or another exercise that you aren’t already incorporating.


How to Use a Wall For a Workout

Workin' Out

Sometimes when you don’t have a gym with equipment handy, working out can become so…blah. So when you’re bored of the typical body weight exercises, and want to get in a total body workout, all you need is a little creativity.

And a wall.

**Note: To those who have husbands who would freak out if your feet are on the wall…ask them before doing this workout!** (My husband looked at me with those “Oh no! What do you think you’re doing putting your feet on our wall?!” eyes, and before he could say anything I explained that A) our house is a construction zone and NOTHING is clean, B) we still have to paint every wall in the house, and C) if wifey didn’t get her workout in no one benefits.)

I decided to throw in a little upper body, a little lower body, a little cardio, and a little core. In addition to the wall exercises, I also did jump rope intervals.

1 leg wall sit
1-Leg wall sits. You’d be surprised how much this forces your core into action as well. decline pushup
Decline push-ups- killer!
elevated bridges
Elevated bridges, be sure to squeeze those butt cheeks at extension. lunge squat
Lunge squatswall sitWall sit

Bridge kicks, and 3-tap crunches

If the decline push-ups are too challenging, flip around and angle your body so that your hands are on the wall. If Incline push-ups are too easy, try pushing yourself off the wall and making them explosive, plyometric style.

This workout wasn’t as structured as it could have been, I maxed myself on wall sits, as well as push-ups. Then with lunge squats and bridges I did 15 each leg, and a total of 20. For the 3-tap crunches I did 10 (1, 2, 3 =1) and the bridge kicks I did for a bout a minute each round.

Planning a Workout Routine for the Busy Mama (and Daddy)

Workin' Out

Lucky for me, I chose a profession that happens to be one thing many people struggle to fit into their daily lives: fitness. My job the past six years has been to train clients, which kept me training as well.

However, as my life has evolved, time conflicts and opportunities for having a relaxed schedule have definitely swapped places. Where I used to schedule my whole day around my runs, or workouts, now I have to think long and hard and stare at the calendar to find the perfect time to get in my workouts.

For those of you who know me, you may think I live, breathe, eat, and sleep fitness. And while living healthy is constantly on my mind, and constantly priority, sometimes my workouts do take a back burner. Lately, life has been so busy that I’ve literally had to RUN my errands just to get in some exercise. I’ve been packing my kids up, along with the Bob, and I drive into town. Once in town, I decide what jogging route is best based on what errands I need to run.

  1. Through town to the bridge.
  2. Ace hardware, post office, Freddie’s for groceries.
  3. Back to the clinic to say hi to Daddy while he’s at work, then we load up and head back home.

We’ve been camp trailer living now for 3+ weeks because our new house is undergoing some much  needed love before we can move in, so we are finally getting somewhat of a routine established. This means it’s time to put into place a workout schedule.

Here is my dilemma: My husband’s schedule sucks. He works long days into late nights, as well as takes call…which literally leaves me with a couple days I’m able to leave the kids with him to get in whatever I need for me. Most workouts I do actually involve the kids, or I try to entertain them while I exercise.

However, Javin and I are both training for a relay that’s in June, so we BOTH need to get our runs and workouts in. We realize winging both of our workouts will most definitely result in the both of us stressing about not getting our workouts in, so it’s time to write it out.

We have to utilize early mornings before work (even when it’s cold! yikes!) as well as nap times, and times that Grammy can take the kids. Juggling commitments and jobs to be done can be exhausting, but ultimately it comes down to making it work. When we say something HAS to be done, it usually gets done.


For all the busy families out there, there is time, there is a way…you just have to find it. And when you find it, write it down. Then stick to it. Planning a workout routine for mommys and daddys means that your children will grow up watching that commitment to health, and chances are, they will want to do the same.