Sample Weekly Meal Plan

Nutrition & Good Eats

The truth is, in our family, the only way to be successful at eating healthy, is to PLAN AHEAD! Not every week do we actually get a full game plan of meals laid out, because lately, it seems every week’s schedule is a little different from the week before, leaving holes to fill and arrangements to be made. Most of the time, we manage to figure out four days at a time, and then make a new game-plan when the time comes.

Having a meal plan not only helps you eat healthy, but it also helps save money, makes less grocery trips, and eases your mind. When it comes time for dinner, you can feel prepared rather than anxious and guilty about boiling up mac’n’cheese for the second night in a row.

I’ve had so many people in the past ask me for advice and guidance when it comes to planning meals, so I decided to throw together what a week of meals looks like in our crazy world.

sample weekly meal plan-1 copy

I am a creature of habit, so the only thing that we do that isn’t 100% accurate on this chart, is most mornings, breakfast is the same. And most days, our first big snack/early lunch is always eggs of some variety. For the sake of giving you ideas, I added in a few other options.


-My body responds well with eating the majority of my carbs in the morning and early afternoon. When dinner comes around, I tend to stick with protein and vegetables.

-A lot of days, Greek yogurt becomes my dessert, instead of a snack during the day. 

-I try not to forget my probiotic drinks, and usually have coffee in the morning. About four nights a week I enjoy a small glass of cabernet, organic if I have it. if you’re trying to find balance, or lose weight, drinks should be included in your meal plans because most people don’t realize the significance of whats in most beverages. 

-An after dinner snack/ dessert option I did not list is popcorn. We pop our own on the stove top. A little bit of coconut oil, heat, and a tiny pinch of stevia, and you’ve got a delicious and light snack. 

-Javin almost always takes leftovers for his lunch to work, so the kids and I may not always get leftovers. 


Eating Healthy on the Road

Nutrition & Good Eats

I see no rest in sight for our busy “go-go-go” lives! I am definitely learning to adapt and find ways to keep our healthy lifestyle even when we are busy with projects or on the road. This week we had to make a two day trip, which entailed two doctors appointments, two planned errands, a handful of unplanned errands, and a total of 10+ hours in the car with a three year old and a one year old.

While traveling, most parents would say “Hit that next drive-through and continue on the road so we can get this over with!” Am I right?!

Not us. We were fully prepared.

See, I am that mom that stresses if I cannot provide a balanced, nutritious diet to my family. I am that mom that worries if her kids have gotten enough greens, and also if they have all been organic. I am that woman who knows that for myself, I must be prepared because making last minute decisions leads to regret and an uncomfortable belly. Not to mention, I am also that woman who doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg eating out for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for two nights! For a family of four, that adds up to hundreds of dollars real quick.

So how do we do it?

First of all, I ask for help. The day before we leave I sent the kids to Grammy’s house and while they were there I cleaned out the car, packed, and prepared food. I made a packing list so I knew I wasn’t forgetting anything.

My food list looked something like this:

  1. Breakfast: gluten free banana pancakes made and put into the fridge. All we needed to do was heat them up and apply peanut-butter.
  2. Almond milk
  3. Snacks: fruit strips, greek yogurt, apples, banana chips, fig-bars, sliced carrots and pepperjack cheese, cucumber slices, teething crackers, and garlic multi-grain crackers for the boys.
  4. Drinks: kombucha, juice boxes, and black coffee
  5. Lunch: pre-packaged salads, with additional avocado **Typically I make these at home with grilled chicken, however I bought pre-made organic chicken salads because they were on sale, and this made my job much easier for this trip.**
  6. Dinner: Leftovers. **I knew we would be traveling, so for the previous couple nights I intentionally made extra dinners that would be easy to heat and re-serve.**

The one stop we made for food was on our way home, and we expected it. We found lunch at a natural food store that happened to have a deli. For the four of us, our lunch and drinks came to a whopping $19.00! (Not bad ey?!)

So say “No way!” to the ever-tempting fast-food restaurants. I know convenience is a big deal to many, especially to us busy moms…but planning ahead (in my opinion) gives just as much convenience. Not to mention, we got to picnic and enjoy our prepared meals as a family in parks, so the kids could also get out energy along the way. There was no waiting in a busy line for 10+ minutes because EVERY SINGLE drive through is always WAY TOO busy!

So, although a bit tired, we arrived home feeling good about not over-spending, and also about fueling our bodies with healthy foods. The kids actually slept in the car, which makes everyone’s day a little more enjoyable.

Now, here’s to planning the next road trip!