Home Gym Must Haves

Workin' Out

When it comes to keeping a fit lifestyle, sometimes going to the gym isn’t always the easiest option. Not only can gym memberships be an expense some people cannot afford, but scheduling time to actually get to the gym when you have kids, and a busy household, is challenging to say the least.

Over the years my husband and I have added to our home gym collection. I started with a handful of free weights and kettle-bells, and it grew from there. Because of my boot-camps, and personal-training, I have purchased certain pieces I knew would be of use for clients as well as myself and my family.

For someone who may just be starting out, or wondering where to begin as far as purchasing equipment goes, I have made a list of my “must-haves” as well as an approximate cost for each. Of course your goals/interests/budget play an impact, so what could be my top 5, may not be of any interest to you. I will give my reasons behind supporting each item, and you can use that to make any conclusions for yourself and your fitness regimen.


  1. Kettle-bells/Dumbbells– You can do a lot with one kettle-bell and one pair of dumbbells. Easily could get in a total body workout with one or both, and still have enough variety to do different exercises for multiple days. [[one 20lb KB averages $32.00, one 15lb DB averages $18.00]]
  2. TRX pro package– TRX suspension training allows you to use your body as resistance, and get a total-body workout in. I love it because I can travel with it, take it to the park etc. Though, there are many off-brand suspension trainers that would do the job I’m sure. [[$200+ for TRX pro, mine was a gift thankfully. There are many other options to chose from, and can be as little as $40.00]]
  3. GymBoss– My GymBoss is used for interval training which is an essential piece to my fit lifestyle. Whether it is HIIT or Tabatas, having a timer helps keep you on your toes and really push through each interval. These days, everything is an app, so no need to spend the $16.00 on the timer, you can download a “Tabata Timer” for free onto your phone. 
  4. Resistance bands– I use resistance bands for warm ups, workouts, and cool downs. You can virtually hit every main muscle group, and they are easy to use anywhere. Bands are also nice because you control the resistance. Buying a package set is a better deal than purchasing them individually, and you get more options as far as resistance, handles, etc. Some packages even come with door anchors! [[Set of 5 bands+ all attachments can be found on Amazon for on average of $30.00]]
  5. Cardio Machine– For me, a treadmill is a must! And it must be able to produce incline! Getting in cardio might not be your cup of tea, but if you are looking to lose weight, or train during a wet, rainy, and cold season…a treadmill or other form of cardio machine is a necessity in my opinion. Our treadmill isn’t super high end, but it’s gotten a lot of use and still going strong! I think we paid just under $300 for ours while it was on sale. [[$200-$2000 depending on what you get.]]

It’s common to see fitness equipment for sale on social media, as well as online. You can most definitely find some killer deals, as long as you know what you are looking for.

And there ya have it!

You could potentially have a home-gym with these items for $300, and if you’re a bargain shopper, even less! If these were the only pieces of equipment I ever used, I would feel confident I could maintain health, strength, and feel good about my body. 






Power Tower Upper Body Quickie

Workin' Out

I’ve been hoping to set up my new power tower since I opened it at Christmas, but we haven’t had the chance to, nor the space to put it until we recently cleared out our new house. One good thing about all this construction and chaos and carpet pulling, is that I now have a large, open space for my gym until we put new flooring in.

So our living room, it’s quite beautiful, vaulted ceilings and all. It’s also the warmest room in the house because that’s where the wood stove is. Which is the only reason I insisted on using this space to workout. The vaulted ceilings are just an added perk.

Anyways, I am still sore from the run I did a couple days ago, but I knew yesterday, though my quads were on fire, I wanted to workout since I wouldn’t have much chance these next two days. Because I used my legs for hill running, I hopped on my new toy and did some upper body.


I haven’t done a power tower workout in years, so this was exciting for me! The options with this setup are really endless, and I know I will be experimenting in the near future. Though, yesterday, I really only had 30 minutes to get my muscles shaky and fatigued, so I wanted to stick with what I knew would challenge me.

I added in the resistance band to hit my triceps more specifically, and followed the overhead extensions with chip-ups, inverted rows, hanging leg raise, and dips.

15 tricep extension (each side)

Max chin-ups (about 6 each set)

15 inverted row

15 leg raises

Max dips (6-8 each set) note: my range of motion wasn’t what I’d like it to be.

Doesn’t seem like much, but I am feeling it today. Stay tuned for what the power tower offers next!