Power Tower Upper Body Quickie

Workin' Out

I’ve been hoping to set up my new power tower since I opened it at Christmas, but we haven’t had the chance to, nor the space to put it until we recently cleared out our new house. One good thing about all this construction and chaos and carpet pulling, is that I now have a large, open space for my gym until we put new flooring in.

So our living room, it’s quite beautiful, vaulted ceilings and all. It’s also the warmest room in the house because that’s where the wood stove is. Which is the only reason I insisted on using this space to workout. The vaulted ceilings are just an added perk.

Anyways, I am still sore from the run I did a couple days ago, but I knew yesterday, though my quads were on fire, I wanted to workout since I wouldn’t have much chance these next two days. Because I used my legs for hill running, I hopped on my new toy and did some upper body.


I haven’t done a power tower workout in years, so this was exciting for me! The options with this setup are really endless, and I know I will be experimenting in the near future. Though, yesterday, I really only had 30 minutes to get my muscles shaky and fatigued, so I wanted to stick with what I knew would challenge me.

I added in the resistance band to hit my triceps more specifically, and followed the overhead extensions with chip-ups, inverted rows, hanging leg raise, and dips.

15 tricep extension (each side)

Max chin-ups (about 6 each set)

15 inverted row

15 leg raises

Max dips (6-8 each set) note: my range of motion wasn’t what I’d like it to be.

Doesn’t seem like much, but I am feeling it today. Stay tuned for what the power tower offers next!