Simple Living in a Materialistic World.

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For the longest time I’ve been telling myself I need to be more organized. The clutter some days gets overwhelming. Granted, we are still in an adjustment period, where our family of 4 + 2 dogs live out of a camp trailer while we remodel our home…no matter, things are a mess.

The laundry is never-ending, I think it somehow multiplies magically while I’m not looking.

Plastic toys go off with loud sirens and songs as you kick one walking by because there is no place else to step.

Shoes, probably four pairs per family member, pile at the foot of the bed, which also happens to be our “front door” and entry.

The clothes, the toys, the shoes. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

There’s been a weight on my shoulders for a while, and I feel it’s one that will not go away until we can actually unload, unpack, and unwrap all that we have collected and that has been hiding in storage the last year and a half. I’m addition to storage, we’ve accumulated quite a bit over the last year and a half to make our lives a little easier for the time being. Stuff. Clutter. When the time comes that we are actually able to move into our house, it is going to be both exciting, and exhausting, because we are going to have to filter and sort everything.

Here’s why:

I recently read somewhere “If it doesn’t add to your life, it doesn’t belong in your life”.  That settled with me.

The life I envision and have envisioned for myself and my family keeps evolving as the days go by and the more I learn not only about the world, but about myself. I want our family to have the knowledge of how to utilize what God has given us. I want our children to grow knowing true life responsibilities through daily chores of fetching eggs, mucking stalls, and growing their own food. I want our children to learn the difference between having what they want and what they need. I myself, I have much to learn before we all can truly see the beauty of living a simple life.

Before our first child was born, I remember my husband and I saying we were not going to allow all the plastic toys that basically served no purpose. We had hoped to collect the wooden “toys” that could be used for education, entertainment, and a teething tool when needed. (for both the babies and the puppies…poor wooden blocks)

We got the wooden toys. We also got the plastic toys.

I don’t believe we will ever truly be “minimalists” because both my husband and I were not raised that way by any means. Both sides of our family spoil our children, and it would be nearly impossible to turn down every single toy or gift they received. Javin and I also both enjoy the occasional splurge for ourselves, maybe something that makes us feel good even if we don’t NEED it. But we can try.

We can suggest to family members that we are trying to downsize our “stuff” collection, and make recommendations for more appropriate gifts. [Something to add to our homeschooling routine, etc]

We can donate clothing that is still in good shape and has more life out of it.

We can re-use or re-purpose any furniture or tools we are currently not using and don’t see a use of any time soon.

We can be grateful for having what we do have, and we can pray to continually be blessed with what we need. 

The outcome of creating a more minimal lifestyle, for both mama and children could be quite beneficial.

  • Promotes sharing and bonding
  • Promotes creativity and innovation
  • Less clutter = less stress
  • Promotes independence 
  • Promotes a more conscious life

The first thing I plan to do when we finally get all of our belongings to one location is to make a list of what makes me happy, what makes my husband happy, and what makes my children truly happy. Then, I will make a list of what we do every single day. I will compare those lists, and I will adjust accordingly. I already know there are certain things we say we want, or enjoy, but rarely use.

This goes for toys, clothing, household items, and literally everything in between. We are going to de-clutter!

For the longest time I kept telling myself I needed to be more organized. It would stress me out. Now I just realize, we need less stuff.

It may be a materialistic world, but we shall begin living more simply.