Gluteal Importance

Workin' Out

Booty. Hiney. Tush. Fanny. Bum. Rear-end. 

Whatever you call them, they still remain one of the strongest muscle groups in the body, if not the strongest.

The glutes. 

My fascination with the glutes came around years ago, but as I entered the world of body building, my love for them only grew the more I learned. For me personally, watching my glute muscles grow and seeing the changes in performance was enough motivation for me to want more! I realize many people might just see butts as the new boobs…or as another fitness trend… but they are much more important than just being aesthetically pleasing.

So what muscles make up your butt?


Training the glutes should be priority for most everyone, especially athletes.

Strong glutes =
1. Better exercise performance
2. Nice, sculpted backside
3. Pelvis to knee and overall hip injury prevention
4. Give you the ability to perform every day movements

Between the gluteus minimus, medium, and maximus, activation varies, and each portion of the muscle group has it’s own functions. Working together, they support the pelvis, abduct the thigh, rotate the thigh when running, stabilize while standing on one leg, and extend the hip. To put that into terms most everyone will understand: Glutes do it all. When you go from sitting to standing, the glutes activate. When you sprint, the glutes are activated. When you walk up stairs, you are using your glutes. Now you see the importance of strengthening this muscle group?

If you don’t have a gym membership, or any equipment at home, there are no excuses! There are plenty of exercises you can do at home to help grow your booty and strengthen those glutes.

For cardio, try hiking steep hills, running stairs, or jumping lunges. As for resistance training goes, try donkey kicks (and the many variations), curtsy lunges, wide sumo squats, and bridges.

Single-leg Bridgesglutes9
Straight-leg donkey-kicksglutes6
Curtsy lungesglutes2
Standing Kick-backsglutes4Wide sumo squats

In my experience, I do not see much growth in my glutes unless I am consistent. When I have a hectic schedule, and know I’ll only be getting in a couple workouts, I make sure I add a little touch of glutes to each workout. Since I have been adding running slowly back to my fitness regimen, I have noticed my pace has been much faster than I was in the past, and I’d like to chalk some of that up to having strong glutes, making the hills easier as well. For me personally, I also enjoy training my glutes with heavier weights, but do not have that option at this time…so I use what I have and do what I can right now.

That’s all anyone can do.

***Note: in order to grow muscle you must fuel muscle properly. Do not forget to feed your body after a workout!***