Impatiently Praying for Patience.

Mama Mama


As long as I can remember, I have been an impatient person. Maybe that’s why I also have issues with control, I figure if I can control the situation I won’t have to worry about my impatience.

Who knows.

However, today, I sit here munching on banana chips and yogurt, with my black coffee, while my babes sleep. Normally right now I would be impatiently praying for patience as I shuffle every to-do through my over-active mind as I grow anxious, wanting to feel more productive with my day.

There are so many projects that need done! Our house still has shag carpet to be pulled, brush to be cleared, and literally months of work.

Normally right now, I would be texting my husband about how stressed I am about everything we have yet to check off our list. I can really be a hot-mess these days, and my impatience is my favorite fault to dangle by.

You see, besides adjusting to trailer living, diy construction, and living in another town, there has been a lot of bad news in our family and hometown lately. I have donated my share of tears, and I have felt what my impatience has brought to my family. It’s not a good feeling when you know you are in the wrong and the only thing I can think to do today is pray.

Today, I pray for patience tomorrow, because today, I am holding my babies a little longer, I am loving them a little harder, and I am okay with that because life is so short and we truly never know what tomorrow will bring.

Besides a never-ending list of chores, I know for certain it will bring that.