How Many Calories do you Burn?

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Ever wonder how many calories you might be burning throughout the day? In the world of nutrition, this is called “total energy expenditure”.

How about a little nutrition math lesson!

Through simple equations, one can calculate and estimate the amount of energy used each day. [[Simple?? Right. I dreaded math in school, and nutrition math is no easier. However, very important to learn]] Remember, there will always be individual variations and these calculations are just estimates. I’ve done my own calculations to break down each step.

1. Convert your weight into kilograms from pounds; divide pounds by 2.2 to do so.
(weight in pounds=110, therefore, weight in kilograms=50)

2. Estimate your REE. For women, the calculation goes as such: REE= weight (kg) x .9 x 24 For men, the calculation is: weight (kg) x 1.0 x 24
(50 x .9 x 24 = 1080)

3. Estimate your energy expended in physical activity. I used a chart from my “Discovering Nutrition” textbook. This is the chart:

Activity Level Description % of REE
Sedentary Mostly resting with little or no activity 20-30
Light Occasional, unplanned activity (going for a stroll) 30-45
Moderate Daily, planned activity (breif workouts, or brisk walks) 45-65
Heavy Daily workout routine requiring up to several hours of exercise 65-90
Exceptional Daily, vigorous workouts for extended hours (training for competition) 90-120

I chose 65% For myself (.65x REE(1080) =702)

4. Estimate your thermic effect of food (TEF)

TEF= .1 x Energy(physical Activity) + REE
(TEF= .1 x [702 + 1080] = 178.2)

5. Estimate your total energy expenditure.

TEE = REE + Energy+ TEF
(TEE = 1080 + 702 + 178.2 = 1960.2 )

My total energy expenditure is about 1960 calories.

*REE = Resting Energy Expenditure: The energy needed to maintain all bodily functions needed to sustain life at rest.
*TEF = Therminc Effect of Food: The energy expended to digest, absorb, and metabolize the foods we take in.
*TEE = Total Energy Expenditure: All energy expended
(Keep in mind, energy is calculated in calories.)

So, after doing the math, in order for me to MAINTAIN the body I’m at, if I continue being consistent with the same activity level I am at, I need to consume that 1960 in calories each day. Which I probably do, and I’m sure some days I eat more, especially the days I am more active. I’m pretty good at listening to what my body needs. 

These calculations can help with losing weight, because once you find what your body burns each day, you can adjust your daily intake to a more appropriate consumption. Pleeease remember that your macro-nutrient break down is still important, and you can’t simply eat crap just because it fits your daily breakdown.

And if math wasn’t ever your strong suit, here’s a link I’ve found that comes pretty close to the equations I’ve done above.

Their calculation had me at 1948 instead of 1960, but what is 12 calories really??