Hiking Vacation Bucket List

Workin' Out

We recently took our first family vacation…two babies, four airplanes, and two 4-hour drives. Seems like a lot of effort for 5 nights away. But so worth it. You see, we have been living with family for the last year, while in the process of buying our first home. And though we are beyond blessed to be so fortunate for family, we needed a little escape to be our own little family for a short while.

We chose Tucson, Arizona because we wanted to get as far south as we could while remaining in the US, and with being able to have easy, short flights. Also, we wanted to hike! The rain here in little Gold Beach had been horrendous the week+ before our vacation…we got a whopping 8″ in one day! That much rain keeps us indoors, and this family is meant for being outside and being active.

It’s funny because, I have had numerous people comment on our definition of “vacation”.

“You should have lounged by the pool all day.”

“Did you get any rest while you were there?”

Here’s the thing: We have two children, both under 3 years old. That alone means it is nearly impossible to simply relax all day, even if we wanted to. Also, Javin and I first got together because of our love for running, and almost every “vacation” we have ever taken has involved some sort of outdoor adventure. We have built our family around being active and healthy and I intend for things to stay that way.

To me, exercise is stress-relieving. Add that to being out in fresh air, and in a new environment, with my family, and nothing can stop me! I become Super Girl! THAT created a perfect vacation.

The kids did so great on this trip that we have decided to continue to chose future vacations based on nearby hikes. I suppose the rainy, cold weather has me daydreaming, because I decided to make a bucket-list of hikes to do. Because I know there are amazing hikes worldwide, I decided to narrow this list down to only the Pacific Northwest. (makes it more attainable)

  1. Wild Rogue Wilderness. This is an obvious choice, since it’s in our backyard. Growing up on the Rogue, I am embarrassed to say I have never hiked this trail.
  2. Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Central Washington
  3. Bits and pieces of the Pacific Crest Trail
  4. Yosemite Falls, Taft Point, and Sentinal Dome. All near/intertwining each other.
  5. Sierra Butte fire lookout.
  6. Columbia Gorge trails…there are many.

This is just a short list. Also, many of the big name trails in Oregon we have already done. Sky Lakes Wilderness is gorgeous, as is Smith Rocks, and the coastal trails along southern Oregon.

Now…when to plan for our next get away?!