Deadlifts and Upper Body

Workin' Out

So. Happy.

I’ve been anticipating getting a chance to use my weights now that we brought them back from storage. Deadlifts. That’s all I’ve wanted to do.

So yesterday, I set up a pyramid style workout for Javin and I to do together. My mother in law had the babes for the afternoon and it gave us a perfect opportunity to workout together. Taking turns on the bar meant we got rest between reps and it all worked out great! We added weight at the same rate, until he actually upped me by a little, all thanks to my grip giving out.

Guess I need to work on that.

For me, pyramid workouts are fun. It allows you to get in high volume, but still challenge yourself as far as strength goes.

Here’s what we did:


45lbs x 35 reps

65lbs x 30 reps

95lbs x 20 reps

115lbs x 20 reps

135lbs x 15 reps

155lbs x 6 reps (this is where my grip game out.)

135lbs x 13 reps

115lbs x 20 reps

95lbs x 20 reps

That’s a total of 179 deadlifts.

Obviously, the weight isn’t what I was once doing, but for not having weights to use in monnnthssss, I am happy with that outcome. And I’m a little sore today, so the stack did it’s job. What bothers me the most is that my legs, buns, and back didn’t fatigue. I could have added more weight if it wasn’t for my grip.

After these we did upper body. Which sucked, because I had to shake out my hands after every exercise. My forearms are sore and tired today.

Neutral db press x 12-15


1 arm bo row x 12-15


Kb curl x 12-15 each


Plate high pull x 12-15


3 sets

All in all, I feel the upper body workout today more than the deadlifts. That’s alright, my booty and legs will be getting in a lot of hikes this next week when we take our little family road trip.

At the end of the day, I am thankful my husband and I can enjoy these workouts together.




A Valentine For You, My Love.

Workin' Out

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day.

Normally people expect flowers and chocolate and maybe dinner and a movie date. I expect my husband to do a workout with me. Flowers, though they are beautiful, they die. And chocolate, I love, but don’t eat it enough to want a huge box of it within reach. Working out together not only gives us time to challenge ourselves together, but also encourage each other, as well as laugh and be goofy. (which we haven’t been doing enough lately)

The goal for this workout was to use no equipment, and only each other as resistance. I had brainstormed an assortment of exercises to try, and for the most part, only a small handful were successful and actually became a part of our workout. Javin is nearly a foot taller than I am, so that played a big part in whether or not we could make some of the exercises work.

We had just finished a 3 mile trail run, so that was our warmup. (and a good portion of our workout as well! Trail runs are challenging!) After playing around and testing out exercises our workout plan came to this:

1. I squat + Javin pushups

2. Javin wall sits + I pushup + Javin presses

3. Double over burpee

4. Double dips

We did 3 sets of everything. These exercises were more challenging than we expected. Maybe because of being so unstable and off balance. My core is sore today, and though it wasn’t directly used, I know it got worked.

(video via Instagram)


Happy Valentine’s Day Javin, I am so thankful to have you in my life. What a lucky girl I am. All my love.